Although playing music is not considered a basic need, it is a great wrap-around tool for youth development, serving to increase education, academic success, family well-being, social skills, and confidence. 

Enrolling your child in a choir has many benefits for his/her development:

Under 5 years old, singing songs bring kindergarten readiness to your child through rhythm structures, develop musical expressions using movement, kinesthetic awareness, and speech.

Music is a a positive way to bond with each other and bridge gaps. A musical community enables interaction with students of all backgrounds in order to achieve a common artistic goal. Besides being a wonderful art, music convey a message of peace and brotherhood.

In an orchestra or choir, every individual is responsible to know his part which encourages him/her to become autonomous and self-sufficient and simultaneously they have to cooperate with their peers and play together. Hence, teaching them the skill of multi-tasking.

Choir is a social and educational activity that develops very positive life benefits like civic involvement and philanthropy, memory skills and academic success, confidence and better emotional management, self-discipline and punctuality. It is also a way to learn about different cultures. When your child sing in another language it also stimulates his/her brain and eases the process of learning other languages later.